Will Joint Arab Force really be able to combat terrorism? The time will reveal it

What actually should be done in the Gulf region to bring peace?

As the situation in the Gulf region is getting worse day by day, so that is also confining the options to bring peace in the Gulf region, which will eventually go in no one’s favor and that should be understood by the major stakeholders of the Gulf region, because they are ones, who know how to bring peace in the region. One has the right to differ from it, but that is the fact that coming up with joint forces or with any sort of military coalition against terrorism, will not work until all the stakeholders of the Gulf region remain on the same page to eliminate extremism and terrorism from the region, which have not confined only to that specific region, in fact the outcomes of extremism and terrorism, are also being seen in the rest of the world. When it comes to defeat terrorism and extremism from the world, the first and foremost approach should be to get united, for all the stakeholders with keeping their grievances aside against each other and that first and foremost approach will help them to opt for the right path for bringing stability and peace in the region. This is what both Iran and Saudi Arabia will eventually have to do, if they both are serious to bring peace in the region and move the Muslim world towards progress. If you go through the actual insight of the Gulf region, so you will find that defeating ISIS or many other terrorist groups in the region, is easier than uniting both Iran and Saudi Arabia, which are the ultimate countries, the world will have to depend on to bring peace in the Gulf region.

Why have Geneva talks been confined only to Yemen and Syria?

The world’s superpowers must understand that their responsibility is not confined only to bring peace in Syria and Yemen, which is though an appreciative step by the world’s superpowers, but that will not give results until the start striving to unite major stakeholders to end up this turmoil in both countries such as Yemen and Syria, which will eventually become a reason for bringing peace in the Gulf region. Brining peace in the Gulf region and most specifically in Syria and Yemen, revolves around only two countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, so with enhanced efforts to bring peace in the Yemen and Syria through Geneva talks, the world’s superpowers should also be coming up with the move to leverage that Geneva talks for getting both Iran and Saudi Arabia united in order to end up this prolonged turmoil of the Gulf region.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt’s efforts to eliminate terrorism

The leader of Saudi Arabia, King Salman urged the Arab world to get united in order to bring the Gulf region towards the right track on which it was before the deadly turmoil destroyed the Gulf region. The leader of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, focused on one point constantly and that is to come up with joint alliance and unity in order to cope with the monster of terrorism during the historic speech at Egypt’s parliament and that speech of King Salman, also made him to become the first Arab leader to deliver that sort of Speech at Egypt’s Parliament. During his speech, the point, which have been in the much limelight, was his support for Palestinians and during his speech he also urged the Arab world to have a unanimous stance over this issue of Palestine. According to his speech, the recent development in the prolonged strong relation among both Saudi Arabia and Egypt, will pave a way for the Muslim world to move towards peace and progress after being in the prolonged span of destabilization. By going through this recent speech of King Salman, the leader of Saudi Arabia, one can understand or assume that Egypt, seems to play a very important role to bring peace in the Gulf region in the future, but if Egypt succeeds to become a bridge among both Iran and Saudi Arabia for the sake of bringing peace in the Gulf region, so that will also define its leading role to lead the Gulf region.

What more did he say during delivering speech in Egyptian parliament?

During King Salman’s six-minute address, he also revealed that the Saudi Arabia and Egypt have properly agreed to build a bridge that will link the nations all across the red sea and both countries have also agreed to work together for creating a pan-Arab Defense force. By his speech, one can think of Saudi Arabia’s new step of making Egypt have a decisive role to play in order to get the Gulf region on the right path, but how much that move of Saudi Arabia will work for bringing peace and stability in the Gulf region, for that we will have to wait and see that how much this step of Saudi Arabia will be effective.

Arab Joint force and both countries’ aim

Saudi Arabia seems to be very active in order to launch an Arab Joint Force while collaborating with Egypt and according to the leader of Saudi Arabia that terrorism and radicalism have to be defeated by financially, militarily and ideologically. According to many experts the bridge over the red sea will not only connect Asia and Africa, in fact, it will be a gateway to Africa for Saudi Arabia, when it comes to boosting up its own economy. That is not all, as this recent development among both countries, will also open up many job opportunities for the people of the region, and King Salman also appreciated deals among Saudi Arabia and Egypt after both of them agreed to making up $ 16 billion investment fund and the efforts to settle a maritime dispute, increasing ties with Egypt of Saudi Arabia, reveals that Saudi Arabia aims to make much friends in the region, in order to bring peace and stability in the Gulf region.