Gauteng Legislature resolves service delivery challenges in Ivory Park, 10 Jun

Gauteng Legislature's petition committee resolves service delivery challenges

On Saturday, 10th June 2017 the Roads and Transport Department will hand over the K111 road with new traffic-calming measures to the community of Lindokuhle, Ivory Park. This achievement is a result of intervention by the Gauteng Legislature's Petitions Standing Committee.

Led by Honourable Chairperson, Refiloe Mogale, the Standing Committee received a petition from the community of Lindokuhle Informal Settlement alleging that the K111 road passing Kaalfontein Ext.01 and Lindokuhle West Informal Settlement (Ivory Park) has a traffic volume which has resulted in 610 accidents and 37 deaths between 2012 and 2014. The petitioners requested the Committee to intervene and ensure delivery of services in the form of traffic calming measures.

The Department of Roads and Transport responded and made a provision for new traffic calming measures in the area, i.e speed humps. The handover ceremony will also provide feedback on the process while also educating community members on the effectiveness of GPL's petitioning system.

The Lindokuhle petition is one of the five other petitions the Standing Committee has recently resolved that were formally closed during a Committee meeting on Thursday, 8th June.

The second petition is that of insufficient nurses at Temba Clinic, where the petitioner alleged that the waiting period for patients to be assisted at the clinic was between three to four hours. Upon the Standing Committee's intervention, the Department of Health responded favourably by investigating the matter and capacitating the clinic with sufficient nurses.

The third petition to have been resolved is that of a rejected application for a disability grant, with the petitioner suffering visual impairment but had his application for a disability grant rejected due to an inaccurate medical physician's report. Upon the Standing Committee's intervention, the Department of Social Development investigated the matter and granted the petitioner a disability grant after he had reapplied.

The fourth closed petition is that of a Sewerage system in Greenfields, Alberton. The community complained of a leaking sewerage system which posed a health hazard to the community. The Standing Committee intervened and ensured the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality fixes the sewerage system and ensures its ongoing maintenance.

The last petition to be tabled for closure involved a complaint by residents of Far East Bank Ext 1, Alexandra; who alleged that a resident was selling liquor from a residential-zoned area, thus causing littering and noise pollution in the area.

The Department of Economic Development was requested to investigate the matter, they subsequently reported that the owner was issued with a verbal warning and the situation would be closely monitored to minimise disturbances to neighbours. The petitioners are satisfied with the outcome since the situation has improved.

The Standing Committee once again commends all residents of Gauteng that are making use of the petitions process to ensure their service delivery challenges are resolved. Furthermore, it appreciates the work done by all departments and Municipalities that appear before the Committee and implement its resolutions.

You too can be heard without throwing a stone or burning a tyre in anger. The Petitions system works for you, with you.

Source: Government of South Africa