Two suspect arrested for attempted murder and possession of stolen property in Ruyterwacht, Elsies River

In our quest to protect the assets and lives of the public, vigilant police members of Western Cape K9 Unit were busy with patrols in the Ruyterwacht area in Elsies River. They noticed a grey Honda Ballade which had been circulated on the police system as stolen at Elsies River Day Hospital earlier yesterday.

It is alleged that a female complainant had parked her grey Honda Ballade at the Elsies River Day Hospital on Monday, 2010-10-09, at about 11:00. When she returned to the vehicle at 13:00 it was not where she had parked it and the vehicle could not be found. She immediately registered a case of the theft of a motor vehicle at Elsies River SAPS for investigation.

At about 14:00 members of the Western Cape K9 unit noticed a grey Honda Ballade that fitted the description of the stolen vehicle. They started to pursue the vehicle but the driver refused to stop and in the process tried to force the SAPS vehicle off the road twice.

A SAPS member fired a shot at the tyre of the Honda Ballade and the vehicle stopped. Two suspects were arrested for attempted murder and possession of stolen property.

The two male suspects, both 31 years old, will appear in Goodwood Magistrates' Court on 2017-10-11, on the said charges.

Source: South African Police Service