Suspects linked to trio crimes arrested in separate operations

In a concerted effort to eradicate incidents of trio crimes in this Province, joint intelligence driven operations continue to yield positive results.

A total of two (02) suspects aged 27 and 28 were arrested during two separate operations in the Musina Policing precinct outside Makhado.

One suspect aged 27 was arrested shortly after a carjacking incident that took place in a Musina surbub when four businessmen were pointed with firearms by four armed suspects before they entered their rented flats from work and hijacked their car before taking them to a secluded area outside Musina CBD.

They were searched and a number of items including cash were robbed before these suspects fled the scene in their getaway car.

The Police were summoned and reacted swiftly leading to the arrest of one suspect.

During the arrest, the following items were recovered:

* Two (02) x 9 mm firearms.

* 36 live rounds of ammunition.

* Cellphones.

* One vehicle, a Toyota Corolla.

Meanwhile at the Beitbriedge Port of Entry in the Musina Policing area, a 28 year old man was arrested for Possession of Explosives after it was found in his luggage.

A total of 49 explosives were confiscated which is the second arrest on a similar offence at the same place after another suspect was arrested for possession of 281 explosives a week ago.

Both suspects arrested during this weekend's operations will appear before Musina Magistrate's Court soon.

The Police investigations are still continuing.

Source: South African Police Service