Limpopo Executive Council on resolutions during meeting held at the Ranch Hotel

Resolutions of the Executive Council meeting held on 9th May 2018 at the Ranch Hotel

Limpopo Provincial Government Executive Council held a meeting on Wednesday, 9th May 2018 at the Ranch Hotel. The meeting took place after the province celebrated International Workers' Day.

The Executive Council reflected on matters that affect financial management, strengthening of governance and government priority programmes to accelerate service delivery. The following resolutions have been taken by the Executive Council:

1. COSAFA Tournament

The Executive Council has noted the progress made by the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture in preparation for COSAFA Tournament. Provincial Treasury made a commitment to fund the cost in a form of a donation once the Legislature has adopted a motion in the next sitting scheduled on the 24th May 2018.

Furthermore, the Executive Council directed the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture to ensure that the National Department of Sport and Recreation has a visible presence and provides the necessary oversight towards the preparations for the COSAFA Tournament.

2. Reviewed Transversal Financial Policies and Treasury Instruction Notes

Sixteen/16 Transversal Financial Policies drafted by Provincial Treasury together with Chief Financial Officers of departments and public entities in the Provincial Technical Committee on Finance were approved by the Executive Council.

The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer at National Treasury developed the National Travel Policy Framework and issued Instruction Notes 02 and 04 of 2017/18 to which Departments and Public Entities listed in Schedule 3 to the PFMA had to comply with and also entered into discount agreements with some of air flight operators and accommodation service providers.

The Limpopo Provincial Executive Council approved the implementation of Treasury Instruction Note and directed the Provincial Treasury to issue a Provincial Instruction Note on current developments around Subsistence and Travel Policy.

3. Health Turnaround Strategy

The Executive Council has approved the implementation of Health Turnaround Strategy aiming to accomplish the following in support of the department's objective to improve health outcomes and improve public confidence:-Effective utilization of available resources; delivery of health services within budget; capacitating the department to deliver services through the right skills sets; effective revenue collection; improved organisational culture and enhanced internal discipline.

The implementation of this turnaround strategy for health is envisaged to place over an 18 month period from October 2017 to March 2019; and department will use the allocated budget for 2018/19 in terms of the equitable share and conditional grants to fund the intended activities for implementation. Activities that may potentially require funding assistance are those related to procurement of goods and services.

The Province has approved the Provincial Implementation Plan (PIP) 2017-2022 on HIV, TB and STIs. Currently the District Municipalities are in the process to finalize their Multi-sectoral District Implementation Plans (MDIP). The implementation of the PIP will enable the province to reduce the burden of HIV & TB at Community level.

4. Clusters Programme of Action (POA) 2018/19

Governance and Administration, Infrastructure, Social, JCPS and Economic Sector Cluster Programme of Action (POA) for 2018/19 have been developed in line with the outcomes that reflect the mandate which drives the Medium Term Strategic Framework, and all Clusters POA provides all the planned outputs of the Clusters in relation to the various outcomes for the period 01 April 2018 to 31st March 2019.

Clusters Programme of Action 2018/19 were supported and approved by the Executive Council for implementation.

5. Application for Recognition of Komane Patrick Nchabeleng as Acting Senior Traditional Leader of Tau-Nchabeleng Traditional Community [CoGHSTA]

The Executive Council approved the recognition of Komane Patrick Nchabeleng as Acting Senior Traditional Leader of Tau-Nchabeleng Traditional Community in terms of Section 15(2) of the Limpopo Traditional Leadership and Institutions Act No. 6 of 2005 and that he be remunerated accordingly.

6. Revenue and Expenditure Report: March 2018

The following are the Revenue and Expenditure for the period ending 31 March 2018.

Overall provincial expenditure was at R61.8 billion or 98.7% of the total adjusted budget of R62.8 billion;

Compensation of Employees (CoE) recorded an expenditure of R42.6 billion or 99.7%;

Goods and Services recorded an expenditure of R9.1 billion or 96.8%;

Transfers and Subsidies recorded an expenditure of R7.9 billion or 98.9%;

Payment for Capital Assets recorded an expenditure of R2.1 billion or 86.9%;

Conditional Grants recorded an expenditure of R7.7 billion or 97.3% of the total adjusted budget of R8.1 billion;

Provincial Infrastructure recorded an expenditure of R5.3 billion or 97.0% of the total adjusted Provincial infrastructure budget of R5.4 billion; and

Revenue amount of R1.316 billion or 101.5% out of a target of R1.138 billion was collected.

The percentage of invoices paid within the prescribed 30 days of receipt during March 2018 was 95.57%, which was 0.57% above the 95% compliance rate set for all departments;

The following four (4) Departments paid all their invoices recorded in the month within 30 days, namely LEDET (1,282 invoices), Transport (820 invoices), Office of the Premier (769 invoices) and Provincial Treasury (560 invoices).

The Department of Education (at 91.95% and the department of Health (at 75.84%) did not achieve the 95% compliance rate set for the Province for 2017/18; and

A cumulative total of 4,681 invoices older than 30 days had not yet been paid by the following Departments, namely Health (4,571 invoices), Education (43 invoices), Transport (52 invoices), and Social Development (15 invoices).

7. National Calendar Events and Monthly Programmes

The National Department of Arts and Culture has made a formal request that the 2018 National Youth Day Celebration be hosted in Limpopo. The hosting of the National Youth Day event in Limpopo follows Gauteng and North West as previous host provinces in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

The Office of the Premier through Youth Development Directorate in partnership with the department of Arts and Culture, National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Youth units/directorates of various municipalities and Provincial Departments will celebrate the 42nd anniversary of June 16 and its build-up activities.

The Executive Council approved the nature and character of 2018 Youth Month Programme and the National Youth Day Celebrations scheduled to take place on the 16th June 2018 at the Old Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane Local Municipality, within the Capricorn District.

On 25th May 2018, the province will also celebrate Africa Month under the theme The Year of Nelson Mandela-Africa We Want. The Africa Month will be hosted with the participation of other African Countries to continue promoting the ideals of Pan-Africanism in an effort to unite the people of the continent. Africa Day celebrations scheduled to take place on the 25th May 2018 in Lephalale Municipality, within the Waterberg District.

The Premier and Members of the Executive Council will visit and interact with the community of Mohodi Village during EXCO Imbizo Programme scheduled to take place on the 18th May 2018.

Source: Government of South Africa