Public urged not to take shortcuts in termination of pregnancies

The Department of Health has pleaded with members of the public not to use backyard abortion services as they could lead to loss of life or to patients being scarred for life.

This plea comes after a nurse from Far East Rand Hospital in Springs illegally performed a termination of pregnancy at home while off duty on Friday, 19 April 2019, which led to complications that resulted in the patient collapsing.

The hospital has since laid criminal charges against the nurse in question. He has been suspended with immediate effect and his case has been referred to the South African Nursing Council for further investigation.

It is alleged that the nurse gave the patient oral medication and did some manipulation which led to complications that saw the patient collapse. He then took the patient to Far East Rand hospital under a guise that the patient was his partner.

Upon examination, the doctor discovered that the patient had suffered serious complications and she needed specialised care; a decision was then taken to refer the patient to specialised central hospital services, said the Hospital CEO Dr Constance Ndobe.

Dr Ndobe said the patient is currently stable in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and psychological support will be offered to the patient and her family.

Termination of pregnancy is offered at selected community health care centres for the first trimester and at selected public hospitals for the second trimester, she concluded.

Source: Gauteng Province