Aliwal North Cluster crowned at inaugural Mzileni drill Champions 2019

KING WILLIAM’S TOWN – The Eastern Cape South African Police Service (SAPS) hosted its first ever provincial drill competition dubbed “Mzileni drill competition” at Sisa Dukashe stadium, Mdantsane today.

The importance of drill is marching and putting members together so that they can be commanded as a group as drill is an organised group activity.

Police are using drill mostly for the ceremonies, such as parades, official funerals, opening of parliaments, category one and two funerals, and also to instil pride and discipline during basic training.

In fact, the drill is the foundation of discipline, and its importance has been proven again and again.

It has created a platform to build and unite our members. We have realised that members of the community love to see drill performances by their members. It also creates an opportunity to mobilize communities to join the fight against crime through social crime initiatives.

Seventeen clusters in the province stunned and left supporters and the community of Mdantsane breathless with their talents and skills. The first phase of the day commenced with the inspection of parade by the acting Head of Department for Safety and Liaison, Mr Zukile Kani, Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga, and Mdantsane Cluster Commander, Major General Henry Vos. The Provincial Commissioner proceeded with the presentation of NYDA skills development certificates to the Constables that have completed life skills programme and excelled in personal development plan, working in diverse terms, understanding conflict resolving conflict, managing money, understanding teams and community assertiveness.

When the drill competition commenced, it was the Aliwal North Cluster’s performance that impressed the judges, scoring them the title of overall winner for Mzileni drill competition 2019. During her feedback remarks, Chief Adjudicator for the competition, Colonel Joslen Exford commended the participants for their sterling performances. “We looked at various technicalities, such as the correct commands given by the parade Commander, correct execution by the drill squad, the discipline by the platoons (drill squad) and checking that the uniform is worn according to the appropriate the dress code. They were technically sound and superior. Everyone in essence is a winner”.

The initiator and founder of the Mzileni drill competition, Sergeant Mphumezi Mzileni echoed the chief adjudicator’s sentiments. “Participants, I salute you all, you were awesome, excellent and I wish to congratulate you on a job well done. You have set a trend that needs to be maintained going forward. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you are equal to the task. Provincial Commissioner, Lt General Ntshinga thank you so much for making my dream come true. I’ll be forever grateful for what you have done for me”.

In closing, the Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Ntshinga encouraged members to continue their work with vigour. “These are the young upcoming young lions of this organisation, who are determined to promote and maintain the image of the SAPS. They have committed to the principles and values of our code of conduct and ethics. In the years to come they will be a point of reference for the future generations to come. We must motivate them, we must walk right before them and we must transfer the right spirit amongst them. The leadership is here to welcome and to relay its congratulations to all of you, for your enduring spirits and tenacity during your elongated intensive training to become well – developed and disciplined police men and women

You are the future of this organisation. This is the legacy I always dream about, to see you taking leadership of the SAPS and the corporate world. I have no doubt in my mind, you are the right candidates for such a generation. The messages we deliver to you now, will sustain you even beyond your present positions. Be determined, be deliberate and never be apologetic about your outstanding achievements.

As the SAPS leadership, we have deemed it necessary during this drill competition to provide motivation in order to enhance performance levels and encourage discipline within the organisation. I was standing in this platform last year when I said, loyalty is rewarded. It is rewarded with growth. One writer described it as a master key to expansion. It makes you persist in the same thing until it bears fruit. Loyal people do not give up even when they are faced with odds. Loyal people remain determined and disciplined to the end. Loyal people have a tendency to experience the favour of God in the words they are always blessed and are a blessing to others.

With those words, I wish you all the best in your future careers. Go back to your clusters and continue to be trend setters.”

Below is a list of the winners for Mzileni drill competition 2019:

Award for establisher of the drill competition

Sergeant Mzileni

Overall winners

1st place: Aliwal North cluster

2nd place: Elliot cluster

3rd place: East London cluster

Best drill commander

1st: Aliwal North

Source: South African Police Service