Spiritual Crime Prevention Roadshow

ZWELITSHA – Divine Intervention is central to all approaches and strategies to prevent crime.

Today, 18 December 2019, the delegation from Head Office Crime Prevention Division led by the national Head of Social Crime Prevention, Maj Gen Mathonsi visited the SAPS Eastern Cape Province Provincial Office, to present “Spiritual Crime Prevention Concept” which in its broader scale seeks to introduce this concept to SAPS Spiritual Services, Churches and Faith-Based organizations both internally and externally to form part of efforts in Crime Prevention initiatives in the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Dr Pastor Ezekiel Katiso Mathole National task team chairperson spiritual crime prevention opened with prayer devotion 2 chronicles 14 2-4 topic mindset of the builder.

Major Gen Mathonsi highlighted the purpose of the meeting and he was followed by Col Mthombeni who is the National Project Coordinator: Spiritual Crime Prevention. Col Mthombeni gave a brief background of the concept during his PowerPoint presentation. “This concept is an initiative by the National Commissioner, Gen Sitole that seeks buy-in from all provinces to ensure its successful implementation” stressed Col Mthombeni.

Faith Based organizations including Christians from different denominations, representatives from other religions including members from the Islam, Hindu Faith, Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa, Dumisani Theological Institute and others deliberated on the presentation by Col Mthombeni.

All in one voice stated lack of education and community involvement in religious programs that are meant to fight crime and ensure social development at ground level.

This lack of community involvement in religious programs in societies results in defeated mandate by religion to curb social ills facing communities including drug abuse, suicide, murders, deaths and growing rate of sexual violence among women and children.

The religious fraternity agreed that a multi-disciplinary approach led by SAPS EHW is needed to win the fight against crime, using the “Spiritual Crime Prevention Concept” this fight can still be won.

The religious community also called for a Provincial Strategic Agreement and Partnership which will be implemented throughout the province to ensure the scourge of criminal activities in the Eastern Cape Province.

Making his final remarks speaking on behalf of the Provincial Commissioner, the Deputy Provincial Commissioner – Policing: Maj Gen Swart expressed his excitement about the new “Spiritual Crime Prevention Concept” approach to be implemented in the Eastern Cape Province.

He said that this concept will assist in locating the role of Churches and Faith Based Organizations in the Community, the moral capacity of people with a faith background and mass mobilization of community through integrated efforts by all role players.

“We so pray that this initiative will bring about some positive change where we see our Reverends and Social Workers within the SAPS being more active in programs of this nature. We are looking forward to working with the church to fight for issues of the church, to march with the churches to fight issues of the church” affirmed Maj Gen Swart.

In conclusion of the meeting with Head Office, an Interim Task Team that’s inclusive of representatives from different SAPS Religious Groups, SAPS Members, Youth Structures, Community Policing Forum was established to form part of the Operation Plan to lead the the implementation of the concept.

This Task Team will report progress to the National Task Team.

In closing, Maj Gen Mathonsi thanked all role players who came to attend the meeting.

Source: South African Police Service