SAPS Kwazakele show empathy to family of three year old girl who was mauled by a pitbull

Since the death of Simamkele Kovu, aged 3 who was mauled by a pitbull in the street on 19 December 2021, various community structures including SAPS Kwazakele Station Commander, Brig Lindelwa Vellem and her members offered their support and empathy to the child’s family.

It is alleged that on the mentioned date, at about 16:20, Simamkele Kovu was playing in Msengana Street near her house when the dog attacked her. The dog was stabbed multiple times by a resident who tried to save the child. She sustained several bite wounds on her neck and face and succumbed to her injuries at the scene. It is further alleged that the dog belonged to a teenager from the same street but was currently out of town at the time of the attack

An inquest docket is under investigation by SAPS Kwazakele.

On Sunday, 26/12, the funeral service for little Simamkele was held in Zwide. Building safer communities will encompass that all key stakeholders need to come together with a common purpose in maximizing and improving the ability to protect communities thus resulting in building trust and strengthening relations between communities and law enforcement agencies.

Brig Vellem after hearing of this tragedy immediately roped in the CPF together with other stakeholders from the community with an aim of preventing a similar occurrence in the community. The plight of the bereaved family also touched their hearts and everyone rallied together to provide assistance to the family in giving the little child a dignified funeral. SAPS Kwazakele, the local councillor, the taxi association, a local funeral parlour, local businesses, Anti-Animal Cruelty, Department of Social Development and local politicians contributed in some way or another towards the child’s funeral.

All of the abovementioned entities were present at the funeral and acknowledged that in times like this when an innocent life is lost through such tragic circumstances, government and communities must come together and render support in whatever way possible.

A representative from the Anti-Animal Cruelty educated the community on the treatment and homing of pets.

Brig Vellem also acknowledged and thanked all the various stakeholders present. ‘The SAPS is committed to continue enhancing community partnerships to ensure that important information is shared with the community and other essential external mediums as well as to also obtain vital knowledge and expertise from the community members so that we can improve on our policing. In working together, there will be a greater understanding of all concerned,’ added Brig Vellem.

The family expressed their deep gratitude to SAPS Kwazakele and the other contributories for their immense involvement and support.

Simamkele Kovu was laid to rest at the Motherwell cemetery.

The inquest is still under investigation. On completion, the docket will be sent to the inquest court for a decision.

Source: South African Police Service