MEC Madoda Sambatha applauds North West Department of Health over unqualified audit outcome

MEC Sambatha applauds Department over unqualified Audit outcome

North West Health MEC Madoda Sambatha has applauded his department for commitment and dedication demonstrated towards strengthening accountability in the way government resources are utilised. This follows the release of the Auditor-General Report on vote 3 concerning the North West Department of Health audit outcome.

In terms of the Report, the Auditor-General indicated that the financial statements which comprise appropriate statement and financial position as at 31 March 2022 was audited. The audit also covered financial performance, statement of net changes in net assets, cash flow statement for the year that ended as well as notes to the financial statements.

“Congratulations, to all managers and programmes who had contributed to the unqualified audit outcomes of the North West Department of Health. Well done to the SG and the executive team and keep the performance in the same level. I encourage you to work for the improvement instead of decline”, said MEC Sambatha

While there are still some internal control deficiencies identified, MEC Sambatha has emphasised the need to strengthen oversight. “I am confident we are on the right track and there is a need to deal effectively with the weaknesses that have been identified by the audit. Our risk management, audit committees and internal audit will require a special attention. This way we will be able to pick up any audit issue and address it even before the Auditor-General audits the Department”, said Sambatha

Sambatha concluded that implementation of post audit action plan remains a priority for his Department and will rally all his managers behind this important task.

Source: Government of South Africa