Water and Sanitation urges KZN residents use water sparingly

KZN residents urged to use water sparingly

The Department of Water and Sanitation continues to urge residents of KwaZulu-Natal to continue using water sparingly.

The province’s dams have remained unmoved since last week, sitting comfortably at 89,1%.

This is according to the weekly report on dam levels issued by the Department of Water and Sanitation.

The main water supply system (WSS) in KwaZulu-Natal, Umgeni WSS, marginally dropped but remains above average at 89,1% from last week’s 89,4%.

Most of the dams have stayed put week on week.

Craigie Burn Dam stayed at 100,5%, joined by Spring Grove Dam at 100,4% and Zaaihoek Dam at 90,6%.

Bivane and Goedertrouw also sit comfortably at 100,4% and 100,1% respectively.

Mearns Dam had the most significant decline this week landing at 95,8% from 100,7% while the Driel Barrage had the most notable jump from last week’s 96,3% to full capacity this week.

“Many the KZN dams are at full capacity and are unmoved this week.

“The provincial storage capacity for the next week might be helped by the cold front that will engulf the country which may bring isolated rains with it,” said the department’s spokesperson Sputnik Ratau.

“Despite the full and almost overflowing reservoir levels we continue to call on residents to use water sparingly.

“We understand that as temperatures dip people may be inclined to take longer hot showers or fill bathtubs to the brim as a means of remaining warm. We ask that this not be done as South Africa remains a water scarce country and we need every drop,” he said.

For more information, contact Sputnik Ratau, Spokesperson for the Department of Water and Sanitation on 082 874 2942

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Source: Government of South Africa