Date set for Presidential inauguration

The Secretary to Parliament, Xolile George, has announced that the inauguration of the President-elect will be held in Pretoria on Wednesday next week.

This comes as the National Assembly will hold its first sitting tomorrow at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, where the President will be elected following the swearing in of Members of Parliament.

The first sittings of the National Assembly on Friday and the National Council of Provinces on Saturday represents the establishment of the new parliamentary term, following the elections on 29 May 2024.

After receiving the list of candidates from Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, Parliament has been interfacing with the elected Members and their respective parties to capture their details into the parliamentary system.

The first sitting of the National Assembly will commence with the swearing-in of all designated members in attendance by the Chief Justice. Following the swearing-in ceremony, the Chief Justice will also preside over the election of the S
peaker of the National Assembly.

‘Once elected, the newly appointed Speaker will take over the proceedings and preside over the election of the Deputy Speaker. These elections are crucial for the proper constitution of the National Assembly, as they ensure the leadership structure is in place to guide the House’s functions and duties.

‘With the Speaker and Deputy Speaker elected, the National Assembly will then be constitutionally competent to proceed with its first major task – the election of the man or woman from amongst the Members of the Assembly, to be inaugurated as the President of the Republic.

‘This is a crucial process, as it sets the stage for the formation of the new administration that will govern the country. Once elected, the person ceases to be a Member of Parliament,’ said George.

He said the Constitution stipulates that once elected as President by the National Assembly, the President-elect must assume office within five days by taking an oath or affirming their faithfulness to the Repu
blic and their obedience to the Constitution.

George said that after the conclusion of the first sittings, members will proceed to attend the inauguration of the President-elect, which is scheduled for 19 June 2024 in Pretoria.

Source: South African Government News Agency