Ezorongondo farmers hold farmer’s information day

Farmers at Ezorongondo in the Epukiro constituency of the Omaheke region on Friday held a farmer’s information day at their village to discuss issues related to animal fodder, vaccines and the maintenance of livestock during drought.

The farmer’s day held for the second time in two years, attracted farmers from nearby villages like Okanguindi and Okajombo who shown interest in learning from the experts.

Speaking at the event, Technical Advisor for communal areas at Feedmaster, Frank Kanguatjivi urged farmers to take drastic measures in improving their water supply as this according to him also contributes to losing more livestock during drought.

‘We tend to react very late and we do not take informed decisions much earlier, thus an event such as this in the beginning of the year is very important to awaken farmers. We can see that going forward, it is not going to be easy, so let us start planning and make ways that will take us through.

The objective of this information day is to inform farmers on the se
riousness of the current drought that we are going through. We want to educate farmers on the critical things that affect them in this situation like the water, grazing, health and supplementary issues,’ Kanguatjivi said.

Furthermore, Kanguatjivi advised farmers to sell their livestock while they are in good conditions, and keep those they can manage during the dry season.

Jasana Uaaka from the Veterinary office in Epukiro urged farmers to make sure that their livestock are vaccinated on time, saying animals become very sensitive during the drought season and can easily attract diseases and viruses.

Hugo Kandovazu who organized this year’s event said they saw it necessary to bring farmers and experts together so that they share knowledge on how to maintain their livestock and improve on production.

‘We want this day to grow and attract more villages and more farmers around Epukiro to give our communal farmers the needed information, because this is an eye-opening day and we are going to work harder next y
ear and beyond to make it more successful’, Kandovazu concluded.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency