Government committed to addressing workers’ plight: Amutenya

Swapo Party Youth leader Willem Amutenya has said the government is committed to ensuring dignified work and the rights of workers through progressive laws and policies to benefit the workers and continue driving the country’s development.

These laws protect workers’ rights to decent wages and benefits and safe and healthy working conditions.

Amutenya made the remarks during the belated commemoration of Workers’ Day held at Etambo Lyamushi in the Epembe Constituency on Wednesday.

He said the celebration of the crucial role of the working class in their country’s past and present comes with mixed emotions considering the alarmingly high unemployment rate among the Namibian youth.

While the working class are advocating for decent salaries, they also aim to advocate for improved working conditions and workers’ rights as they have qualified and able young people whose right to employment is suppressed.

‘Young people cannot find employment. The economy is also unfavourable that unemployed youth cannot survive
in towns while searching for job opportunities,’ he added.

He then called on the government to invest in rural areas mostly in providing services that encourage local investors and entrepreneurs to invest in rural areas and establish jobs for the youth.

Government, he said, should unlock the economic potential of Communal areas and allow communal land residents to participate in the economy of the 21st century.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency