Mathematical centre empowers 20 Researchers in Dynamical Systems for societal growth

The National Mathematical Centre (NMC) has successfully trained 20 postgraduate students and researchers in “Dynamical Systems” during a two-week foundation postgraduate course in Abuja.

Prof. James Ajie, the Coordinator of the Mathematics Programme at the Centre, highlighted the program’s goal to equip postgraduate students, lecturers, and researchers with essential knowledge and skills for effective research.

“Dynamical systems,” an integral area of mathematics dealing with change, holds significant relevance for mathematicians, making the program a valuable contribution to fostering expertise in crucial mathematical domains.

Prof. Ajie emphasised the program’s utility in addressing the shortage of experts in certain mathematical areas and promoting collaborative research among participants from various tertiary institutions.

While acknowledging the Centre’s potential to produce mathematical experts, Ajie expressed the limitation caused by inadequate funding.

“There are some aspects of mathematics in Nigeria that today in the whole country you may not get up to five persons that major in those areas.

”What will five persons do in a situation where you have over 100 universities and some of these courses are very crucial in the study of mathematics.

“So you see some universities graduating students without them doing some courses that are very important in the field of mathematics,” Ajie explained.

He underscored the importance of consistent funding to ensure continuous training activities, suggesting that enhancing mathematical education is crucial for national development.

The Director/Chief Executive of NMC, Promise Mebine, encouraged participants to apply the gained knowledge in dynamical systems to solve environmental challenges for the betterment of the country.

Mebine emphasised the foundational role of mathematics in sciences and technology, envisioning an improved Nigeria through the effective deployment of mathematics.

Dr Ignatius Ako, speaking on behalf of the participants, expressed gratitude to the NMC for the opportunity and pledged to utilise the acquired skills, knowledge, and experiences in their future research projects.

The participants aim to contribute to the growth and development of mathematics in Nigeria and globally, leveraging their enhanced expertise.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria